An environmental story

Started in 2000

When we started with the mission to contribute to the development of knowledge, values and responsible behaviors consistent with environmental conservation and sustainable development, with emphasis on legislation, education and communications.

Our vision is to position ourselves as a reference organization in the development of environmental conservation programs, leader in the planning and execution of education, communication and professional training in the environmental sciences.

In Vitalis, we promote projects that benefit the public and attend environmentally friendly solutions to problems linked to the unsustainable use of natural resources or to the lack of awareness of their importance to human populations, and to other living beings, in other aspects.

Our action areas:


We produce content for websites, social media, TV, radio, newspapers and magazines about current environmental affairs and useful information

Education, Citizenship and Social Responsability


Community Development

Development of environmentally friendly values and behaviour with community participation

Eco-efficiency, Clean Production and Sustainable Consumption

Generamos contenido para redes sociales y medios de comunicaci贸n

Environmental Law and Policies

Formulation and analysis of legal instruments: resolutions, laws and regulations

Environmental goods and services

We provide planning and management of protected areas and support in specific integrated environmental assessments

We define ourselves as a neutral and inclusive civil society organization, propositive in its actions, constructive in its criticism and positive in its assets, in favor of sustainable development.

In 17 years we have consolidated our pan-regional presence:


Since 2000


Since 2014


Since 2016


Since 2016

We are members of:

Awards and recognitions that we have received throughout our career:

First Place in the Publication Category. "For your excellent website". Cerro El 脕vila Environmental Conservation Award 2001. Libertador Municipality, Caracas, Venezuela
"Best Environmental Organization of the Year 2002", designated by the Miranda Environmental Society. Finalist to the WSC Award of the United Nations Information Society 2005.
Red Cross of the Bolivarian National Guard of Venezuela, for its environmental training efforts for the National Guard. Caracas, Venezuela.
"Environmental Organization of 2007": Awarded by the Quick Press Ecological Drycleaner Stores Chain in its "Friends of the Environment" award. Caracas Venezuela.
Finalist organization in contest "Social Entrepreneur of the Year" 2013. Caracas, Venezuela.
Recognition of the Jury of the National Conservation Prize Enrique Tejera and the Society of Friends of the Tree for "Extraordinary Conservation Work" 2007. Caracas, Venezuela.

Our action figures:

More than

teachers trained in school education programs

More than

University students involved in environmental initiatives

More than

NGOs strengthened in their management with the NGO ABC program

More than

children and teenagers benefited by the environmental school calendar program

More than

volunteers mobilized in recycling, reforestation and awareness events

More than

successfully executed projects in 4 countries

More than

consumers of our online content

More than

media outlets receive and publish our content